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Locks and Automotive Security Concerns

Locks and Automotive Security Concerns
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Automotive locks have certainly received tremendous amounts of attention, and modern innovations ensure that their functioning is improved considerably. In fact, remote keyless automotive locks are rather popular over the past decade as more and more drivers are opting for this type of lock for their cars. This device makes it possible to lock and unlock cars using a remote. The remote transmits a unique frequency from the key fob to a keyless entry system found inside the vehicle.

This technology offers many benefits for those people who are always - busy and carrying around various items. When using a remote lock, one does not need to fumble with car keys to lock and unlock their vehicles. Preoccupied drivers can make use of this technology to lock their vehicles too. People who are in risky situations can easily and quickly gain access to their vehicles and secure themselves against any intruder.

Concerns about this technology

Locks and Automotive Security ConcernsDespite this technology’s popularity, there are car owners who are still concerned about the security of the car lock frequency. During the early days of this technology, it was easy for someone with the technical knowledge to intercept signals between the vehicle and key fob and capture the frequency. They were able to use this to gain unauthorized entry. This concern, however, is alleviated by the new keyless entry systems.
The keyless entry systems of today consist of an entry system and a remote, which is synchronized and constantly alters the frequency to gain access to the car. The regular changes in frequency make it difficult and impossible for burglars to snag the signal and use this to gain unauthorized entry. For this reason, many thieves try less graceful methods of invasion such as smashing car windows or picking the car lock. Even though this is not a reassuring thought, these actions can increase the likelihood of them getting caught in the act.

The security of the system may vary from one product to another. Those who are interested in using this should carefully research the system they wish to purchase to make sure that their security needs are met adequately.

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