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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Came over for lock rekey

I called Locksmith Spring Valley for lock rekey in my new apartment and the response was immediate. I was in a hurry to get the job done as soon as possible but to be honest I didn't expect such quick response. The door locks were rekeyed and the tech gave me my new home keys. It was an exciting moment and the greatest thing was that it was over before I even realized that I had moved into my new house. Plus, the tech was wonderful and the price for the locksmith service was perfectly within reason.

Key change for greater security

I called Locksmith Spring Valley to ask what I should do now that my house keys were lost and their response was key change. It was perfectly reasonable since someone could have stolen my keys and key replacement wouldn't be wise. I appreciated their help and the fact that the tech was in my house for lock rekey not much later after my call. I also liked his politeness and the fact that he finished with the locksmith service pretty quick.

We Wanted Higher Security

“We recently had a baby, and we wanted to make sure that our home is as safe as possible for the little one and ourselves. We never had any issues with our current locks, but they are many years old, and we wanted to know if there were better options out there, so we contacted you for advice. A change of locks turned out to be our best option, and we had high security models installed. Hopefully they will never be tested, but in case anything happens we feel much better knowing that we have done everything we can to keep our house secure.”

Sarah Powell

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